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Community Services Center

Our little Community Services Center may be small, but we do a big work in Southern Missouri.  On the left, is our work room.  Our work table is frequently  eyeball deep in donations to be worked through.  Director Tony frequently brings in 2 or 3 truckloads of donations every week! Sometimes he brings in more. People bring donations to our doorsteps, and call us to come and get donations from 50 and 60 miles away.  That huge picture up top is an edited picture of Tony with a truckload of donations from our most generous donor. She collects things from several counties for us, stores them, sorts them if she has the time, and calls Tony when she has them ready. The only reason that I say it is 'edited' is because this thing did not let me make it smaller... I tried.  So, it is big because Tony and her do such a huge job.

When we have more than we can use, we send our extras to Springfield Victory Mission. And if they get more than they can use,  they send them to Christian missions in India, so our little center benefits around the world. 

We save our nicest toy donations for the holidays, and have stuffed animals, toys and games for the children at Christmastime. We also give fruit and candy for their stockings.  And we have toys and books in the office for children every week. We have free literature for people who wish to learn more of the Bible.  People gladly take the literature, Bible study videos and cards and share their Christian faith with us.  Some of our clients also help to keep our donations organized and tidy for everyone.  

We have supplies back for families who are burned out or otherwise have a tragedy in their lives, and help them to pick up the pieces.  Once or twice a year, we have a yard sale to benefit the center. Members of the community save their best donations for the sale, because they know the funds raised benefit them.  

People come in and ask us to pray for them. Sometimes they are having surgery and other health problems, or family problems,  or work problems. We always pray for them in church, and sometimes if they want, we pray right then and there for them. Our friends know we care about them.