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12-18-2010 Joshua Schoch's Baptism
Joshua and Pastor RosetteWe were blessed on this day to watch Joshua Schoch, son of Douglas and Tamara Schoch, accept Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and be baptized on this special day.

At left you can see Pastor Rosette asking Joshua about his beliefs prior to the baptism... then, shortly thereafter, Joshua was baptized.

Later in the day I asked mom, Tamara Schoch, what prompted Joshua to be baptized at this time. His reply was as follows: "Because I have given my life over to Christ. Because we are going on the mission trip (to Africa) and we are living in the end times."

Mom had a bit more to say: "Joshua has wanted to be baptized for YEARS.  We mentioned this to the pastor, and he got him a book to study through. He worked through it quickly.  The pastor came and reviewed the workbook and his studies (over a period of several weeks, studying with him in our office.) Joshua has been surrendering more and more to the Lord, and He is learning to give every part of his life to Jesus. With us going on the mission trip, it was good time for Him to commit his life to Jesus in this public manner."

All in all, it was a very spiritual and enjoyable Sabbath day. To top it off, several of us went over to the Willow Care Nursing Home and sang some hymns for the residents. God is good!