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Are you a Wayfaring Stranger that's looking for a place to worship the Lord and have some despair of finding a good, Bible based church to call your home? If so, we ask that you take heart because this World is Not Our Home but we can offer you a place to worship and fellowship with like minded folks. We invite you to keep reading and get to know our church and what we have to offer you.

Welcome to the Willow Springs Seventh-day Adventist Church's Website. We are a small country church in South Central Missouri, with a world-wide mission. We believe fully in Jesus's Commission to his disciples to "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world."  Matthew 28:19, 20  Jesus' gospel is to go to all of the world, "and then shall the end come."  Matthew 24:14. (cf Revelation 14:6,7)  

If you ever come our way, be sure to stop in and visit us on Sabbaths. We have Sabbath School at 9:30 am. The children's classes are exceptionally nice. Adults have their Sabbath School in the main sanctuary. Between Sabbath School and Church services we have praise and singing. And in church we pray for everyone's special requests. We are handicapped accessible. There is a vegetarian fellowship dinner after church every week and all are welcome. Then we can get acquainted with each other and our visitors better.

We now have a Pathfinder Club for the Youth.  Meetings are held the first Sabbath of each month at 2 pm,  and the third Wednesday of each month at 5 pm.  Elena Kuz is the Pathfinder director.  The club got a late start last year,  but  two of the girls won first place honors at the Conference, Union and National levels.  Congrats to Mica and Victoria. For Pathfinder meeting times, please call the church at 417-469-2090 to get info. Meeting times vary somewhat by the leader's schedule for now. We do have Pathfinders for the children.

We  have completed the remodeling of our sanctuary, and it is snow white and beautiful.  We put up new sheetrock over the old brown paneling, so it looks great.  I would post pictures, but they want from a third party server instead of my computer. 



Sabbath School Headstart

Want to get a headstart in studying your Sabbath School Lesson for this week? You can use the following links to listen to the audio from other classes.

Amazing Facts Central Study Hour

Hope Sabbath School

Theological Crossroads

Listening to these classes plus your own study time will help you enjoy  and participate in our Sabbath School classes. Also, Amazing Facts as well as the Theological Crossroads site usually have upcoming classes available if you wish to jump ahead a class or two. Enjoy!

Absent from church on a Sabbath when a guest speaker gave the sermon? Check the Past Events page for the audio from that presentation.

Kids run out of something to do on a Sabbath afternoon? Not to worry! Have them click on the link below for some good clean fun, and, it's a learning experience!

If you want  excellent Bible Study on prophecy and current events,  check out

and Elder Veith's  series on last day events at:

The Rekindling the Reformation series is a set of 11 topics related to the Reformation and Bible Prophecy.  His  Total Onslaught series is a set of 36 topics also related to Bible prophecies of last day events.  Time is short, and the Second Coming of Jesus is very near.  These talks are all Bible-based, fact-filled and timely information for everyone whether you are new to the Advent message or have been in the church many years. 


Upcoming Events

Sabbath School/Church - Sep 22, Sat 9:30 AM
Church services - Sep 22, Sat 10:45 AM - Worship services begin at 10:45 am with Praise and Singing....
Community Services - Sep 25, Tue 9:00 AM - Community Services is open Tuesdays from 9 am to 1 pm. We have...
Prayer Meeting - Sep 25, Tue 4:00 PM - Bible Study and Prayer meeting has been moved to Tuesday...
Pathfinder Meeting - Oct 6, Sat 2:00 PM - Pathfinders is for the youth to learn more about God and...
Pathfinder Meeting - Oct 20, Sat 2:00 PM - Pathfinders is for the youth to learn more about God and...